Camp Bitnua.

About the Camp Bitnua Festival

For anyone who has dreamed of attending an Israeli Dance Camp where folk-dances are created and danced with the most energy and enthusiasm in the world - This weekend is just for you!

Join us at the luxurious Isrotel Chain Hotels in Eilat for an unforgettable weekend of fun, pleasure and dancing - Non-Stop!


Camp Bitnua Conference is dedicated to the Israeli culture and particularly to Israeli Folk-Dancing, where many leading choreographers, teachers and instructors from Israel will be involved in. Every year the camp hosts over 2,000 dancers from all over the world, such as: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, England, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and many more...


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What's included?

Israeli Dance workshops all day long in various styles

Dance Marathons until the break of dawn

Concerts of famous Israeli performers 

Guest Choreographers and Dance Session Leaders from all over the world!

Fabulous Pool Parties 

Evening Entertainment with a Cultural Concept

Refreshments throughout day and night



In addition...

Following the tradition of previous years, in addition to various dance activities, the camp will host the best and most popular Israeli musicians and dancers. In the past years, we hosted many famous Israeli artists, e.g. Rami Kleinstein, Shlomi Shabat, Shiri Maimon and Shimon Buskila, Hava Alberstein and Sagiv Cohen...

Free drinks will be served on the campground throughout the camp, together with a new Coffee-Shop, for your convenience! 


Dance sessions 


The Festival always holds various dance workshops, including "Harkadnaot” (in Hebrew: “harkada”, dancing + “sadnaot”, workshop) - teaching of both old and brand new Israeli dances.

The workshops will be led by the best instructors in Israel and will be divided to different groups, based on the level of dancing abilities and preferences of the participants. Moreover, for each group there will be a dedicated space/area. In that way, these groups will allow every dancer to get the most out of the camp!



Those who are interested in Israeli Dances, will have a wonderful opportunity to make their first steps more easily and learn about 50 dances in an efficient pace. The classes include training in topics such as rhythm, movement and steps. Afterwards, the participants will be able to join smoothly the dance sessions in Israel and abroad.



This group is intended for dancers who have been dancing for around 5 years. The morning sessions, which are called “Harkadnaot” (Dancing + Workshop), include teaching of approximately 30 dances - 15 advanced popular dances and 15 brand new dances that have never been taught before, both in circles and couples.



This group is designed for dancers who usually dance several times a weeks for more than 5 years and know a wide repertoire of dances. The morning sessions (“Harkadnaot”) include teaching of 15 brand new dances that have never been taught as well as unique and special dances.




This unique group at "Camp Bitnua Conference" is especially dedicated to people on wheelchairs and their dancing partners.

The sessions include teaching of brand new couple dances, which adapted for wheelchairs. This group will also have an opportunity to be an integral part of the dance marathon in the evenings and other activities during the camp.


Kids - "Yeladudance"

This group is intended for children from age 5 to 18 years old, and will be led by qualified instructors and specialists, prepared for working with children. Their sessions include:

Different styles of dancing (Israeli children dances, folk dances, line and couple dances)

Workshops with famous choreographers

Dancing in the water / swimming pool

Parties and other activities for children.

All of this allows parents to relax and enjoy their activities during the camp! 



For fans of old Israeli dances, created by the year 1985.

The sessions include: workshops with choreographers, couple sessions,  folk dances sessions, varied and wide repertoire of dances.


Women only 

Women, mostly religious-traditional ones, can enjoy a separated sessions and take part in other activities during the dancing festival.


Our Camp Team 

To see which teachers and choreographers will take part this year at Camp Bitnua Festivall, CLICK HERE.


Program of the Festival

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Moments from last camps 

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